Tony Chua

FullSizeRender-2-870x1160Tony Chua is largely self taught artist by attending the art exhibitions, art jamming sessions and reading art books.

Being an abstract painter, He likes to explore the colours, the textures and the collages based on his moods and his feelings. But however, there is another art medium, urban sketching, that is taking a huge chunk of his time now. Addicted to have an urge to create a sketch, it can be done on solo or group activity at any time of the day.

Using ink as his favourite medium, it enables him to explore more and more on lines, which can be expressively rich in emotions and values. He loves to use the twigs dipping in Chinese ink.

Travelling is part of Tony’s artistic journey to learn more about his strength and weakness. There has never been a boring time to experience life tribulations. There is no such thing that one running short of subject matters to sketch. Indeed, sketching is capable of creating a powerful urge to capture important connectivity to places and people in motion.