Shi Lifeng


Born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China, Shi Lifeng (石立峰) graduated from Hebei Normal University, Hebei Province and is currently a professional artist in Beijing.

About Shi Lifeng and His Artworks

– Shi Lifeng is famous for his “Red Man series”, a very powerful creation of red figures with contrasting black, blue or floral backgrounds.

– The importance of the “Red Man series” is Shi’s inner psychological world and how he describes the paradox of pain and happiness of life from his paintings. From afar, the little figures are desperately searching for hope and unaware of the danger around them. From a closer look, we see that each red figure is struggling upward to find his direction.

– Shi’s work, ‘Red Star’, has been chosen as the CD cover image for Chinese Democracy, which is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, released in November 2008 on Geffen Records.

Shi Lifeng Around the Globe

– Shi Lifeng’s artworks have been exhibited internationally, which includes Hong Kong, China, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, England and Scandinavia.

– Shi has had exposure at major art fairs, such as Frieze Art Fair, London, Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Switzerland, Hong Kong Art Fair (which official name has been changed to Art Basel since 2012).

Shi Lifeng at Auctions

– Shi has had over 30 artworks sold through auctions globally, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, New York and Paris.

– Shi had an auction record price of ~US$63,250 (HK$493,350) for ‘Utopia No. 1’, sold in 2012.