Rinat Voligamsi

voligamsi1Born in 1968 in Ermolaeva, in Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Rinat Voligamsi graduated from the Architectural Department of the Ufa Oil Institute, before enrolling in the Red Army. In 1994, he was awarded the Russian State prize in literature and art, one of the highest accolades an artist can receive.

Since his first exhibition in 1995, Voligamsi has developed a loyal following for his works. He is well known for his quirky use of humor embedded in his paintings and his skillful production of the photorealism genre inspired by his childhood in Ufa where soviet photographs were commonplace.

Rinat Voligamsi is well-known in Russia and Europe. His works have been displayed in the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art amongst other high-profile museums and galleries. Some of the premier platforms that his works have been exhibited on in 2013 include, Art Basel, Art Moscow and SCOPE Miami Beach exhibition. His works had been purchased by private collectors, one of which include the The White Rabbit Gallery, Australia.

Voligamsi rose to fame in Russia for his provocative project, entitled “An Unofficial Album”, which chronicled an imagined life of communist leader, Vladimir Lenin, through modification of original photographs in photoshop. The artist imagines that the leader escaped death in 1924, and started living as a Muslim after abandoning politics.