Patron of the Arts

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Message from Dr. Stanley Quek


I have been an avid art collector since the 1970s. I admire artists for their ability to translate their abstract thoughts into more tangible works of arts.

Through the work of artists, more people can then appreciate different conceptions of the human mind, and may even come to some realizations that otherwise may take a longer time to reach.

However great works of art comes only through diligence and patience that essentially resources for the artist to develop their craft. The common route for an emerging artist to get a head start is almost always fraught with the financial burdens just to stay a float.

As a lover of art myself, I therefore feel the need to support artists in their endeavor while they create works of art that will inspire and mesmerize an audience or even start a new art epoch.

So in my small way, I am contributing to The Singapore Emerging Artist Project at Art Apart Fair 4th Edition. Half of the sale proceeds from this projects will go to the artists, and the other half going to charity to support the Halogen Foundation.


Dr. Stanley Quek

Patron of the Arts


Giving Back

Art Apart Fair and Patron of the Art, Dr Stanley Quek will

jointly contribute to Halogen Foundation