About the Show

After the success of the “Apart Fair” series in Singapore, the Art Apart Fair London – 1st Edition is set to take place this October for the first time in Europe.

DATE: 17th to 19th October 2014
VENUE: The Town Hall Hotel @ Bethnal Green

A Different Place to View Art
Picture yourself viewing art in the comfort of your own home. Hotel Art Fairs offer the novelty of having such an experience to everyone. Here, visitors can visualise art pieces in a closer-to-home context, making purchasing art a breeze. Hotel Art Fairs are an emerging trend in the art world, attracting art collectors and art enthusiasts alike with their dynamic and intimate art viewing experience.

The Art Apart Fair London – 1st Edition will take place in the Town Hall Hotel, located at the heart of East London. Known for its exquisite design aesthetics which pays keen attention to detail, the Town Hall Hotel features a cosy interior that still manages to establish the luxury, style and class of British high society.

Transforming the rooms, corridors, and lobby spaces of the Town Hall Hotel into a gardenscape of fine art and design, the Art Apart Fair London – 1st Edition will feature more than 1,500 artworks from all around the world. It will be an international affair, embracing the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression from all corners of the globe. Artists from a wide range of countries including Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific are expected to exhibit at this event. Mid-career and emerging artists from the host country United Kingdom will also be participating in Art Apart Fair London.