About Art Apart Fair


A hotel-based boutique art fair, the Art Apart Fair made its debut in Singapore in January 2013 and showcases the works of emerging and mid-career artists. First staged in Conrad Centennial Singapore, it was later moved to Parkroyal on Pickering where rooms, lobbies and corridors are transformed into a dreamscape of mesmerising fine art to excite both art lovers and discerning collectors. It will make its international debut in London in October 2014 with editions in New York, Paris and Milan already in the pipeline. The concept of an art fair held in a hotel originated in 1994 as the Gramercy International Art Fair in the rooms of Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. It has since taken off and is regarded as a good platform since it helps visitors in visualising how the artworks might look in their homes.


Imagine seeing and buying art in hotel rooms, corridor and lobby. It may be new, but it is an emerging trend in the world of art. Art collectors have been buying art in Hotel Art Fairs. After the success of the “Apart Fairs Series” in Singapore during 2013 and 2014 , it will now debut in London and New York in 2015. It is an international art fair that embraces the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression from around the world. Providing a dynamic and intimate art viewing experience, it offers an unconventional way to visualize art in a closer to home context.