Datin Ong Kid Ching

Peggy 002I would like to bring beauty into people’s lives. Beauty with no pretensions.” 

Hailing from Malaysia, Kid Ching is both an Ikebana and Ceramic artist.

Having started Ikebana as a hobby in 1979, she has since progressed and is today an accomplished exponent in the Japanese art of flower arrangement.  She is a holder of the prestigious Komon (Advisory Grade) in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Japan.  She is also the President of Ikebana of Ohara Singapore Chapter. She holds a Third Master Grade in the Ikebana School of Ohara.

Her passion for Ikebana and constant search of suitable containers led to her interest in pottery making in 1995.  She studied ceramic art under the tutelage of Mr. Lim Hua Choon, an award winning potter in Singapore.

A ceramic artist of considerable talent, Kid Ching’s forte is the creation of unique and unusual hand built Ikebana containers.  It is this unique combination of the creative skills for Ikebana and pottery making that makes her flower arrangements so outstanding.

Since 1997, Kid Ching has participated in numerous group Ikebana and ceramic exhibitions. She has also held solo exhibitions in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Apart from exhibitions, Kid Ching has also been invited to give demonstrations at Ikebana events, such as Ikebana International Singapore Chapter and Ikebana World Conventions.

Today, Kid Ching is a much sought after demonstrator and exhibitor of the Japanese Art of flower arrangement.  In all her demonstrations and exhibitions, she only uses the vessels she makes and this differentiates her from other exponents of this art.