Cao Xiaodong


Born in Jiangsu, China,  Cao Xiaodong (曹小冬) graduated from Industry Design College, Jiangnan University and is currently a professional artist in Beijing.

About Cao Xiaodong and His Artworks

– Cao Xiaodong is one of the forefathers of contemporary Chinese art as a member and the founder of the internationally renowned art group “Red Trip” based in Nanjing during the 1985 New Wave Movement.

– Cao is famous for his surrealist artistic style, which he later translated to abstract art.

– He is fond of using dots, lines and dimensions in paintings to create cultural reflections and spiritual comfort in contemporary China.

Cao Xiaodong Around the Globe

– Cao has held international solo and group exhibitions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Kao Hsiung, New York and Miami.

– His famous series, Stars of China Past and Present, was exhibited at Modern Art Museum Jan van der Togt, Holland.

– He launched “Art Currents” magazine in as early as 1991.

Cao Xiaodong at Auctions

– Cao had a highest record of ~HK$300,000 for his “Stars over Hollywood” set at Christie’s, Hong Kong.