Alexey Alpatov

Born in Moscow in 1968, Alexey Alpatov developed and refined his artistic talent on his own to become a well-known and acknowledged artist. In 1990, he began to participate in both solo and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. New works by Alpatov can be seen at annual art fairs in Manezh and Central House of Artists in Moscow. For 2 years, Alpatov has been one of the artists presented by the gallery Art-Kvartal at Art Expo New York. His works can be found in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Austria and other countries.

Alpatov’s works takes on a neo-realism style. He has a few cycles of works, one of which features a series of Moscow landscapes, where Moscow is depicted as it is – a reflection of the real flow of everyday life which is familiar to those who has been living in Moscow for quite some time.

Two other interesting cycles of Alpatov’s works are connected to the sea – marine landscapes and pictures with boats. The series with boats signalise a new period of his works. Along with the traditional technique of painting on canvas, he uses the method of collage. Despite the main colours of this series being black, grey and white, the pictures still have strong positive energy and logically continue the marine series.