About the Organizer


The Founder and Director of Art Apart Fair, Rosalind Lim is a passionate and tireless promoter of art and emerging artists. She braved through the barriers and built the foundation for the first successful hotel art fair in Singapore, the Worlds Apart Fair, held in January 2013. Much like her personality, the “Apart Fair ” series will be unique, unconventional and dynamic, while still providing an intimate art experience for art lovers.

Art Apart Fair allows Rosalind to present a distinctive art event, one guided by both a lifelong love of the arts and extensive experiences in Marketing, Branding, Event Management and Public Relations. Her steep understanding of Business and Branding, as well as thorough discipline in Marketing and Sales provide the grounding for her to establish the fiscal structures of such an art fair.

While working as a PR and Marketing Consultant for a major international gallery, she sold the artworks of both established and emerging artists such as Ai Wei Wei, Matt Mullican, Lee Etheredge IV, Andy Warhol, Michael Graves and Marie Maillard. She has assisted in curation, handled media relations, directed the design of art catalogues and produced marketing collaterals. Rosalind also researched the work of established sculptors and prepared presentations for the acquisition of public art sculptures.

With over 38 years of experience in Public Relations, Branding, Marketing, Event Management, Business Development, Finance and Fund Raising, Rosalind has consulted for a broad spectrum of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Agriculture, Telecoms, IT, Property Development, Movie Production, Transport and the Arts. Rosalind’s business background spans three continents. Her senior position experiences include: OEM Manager at Microsoft, Regional Marketing Director at Liang Court, Vice President at Edelman and Group Director at Hill & Knowlton.

A passionate and thorough researcher, Rosalind has been collecting contemporary art as early as the ’70s. Rosalind is currently working with a number of emerging artists in the region to help promote their works. Rosalind has built an impressive client base of art lovers and is looking out for galleries, artists and sculptors to collaborate in setting up exhibitions in Asia Pacific, Europe and America.